Serving Fish & Seafood to London's Finest Dining Establishments

Our Services

Precision Filleting and Banquet Production

We prepare our fish with the respect and care that the finest quality and sustainable produce deserves.

Our reputation has been built upon our
attention to detail, consistent portion control
and precision cuts to the most exacting specifications, including butterfly and head
on canoe filleting.

Our skill and passion for precision filleting is regularly demonstrated by our expert team of block men, and their ability to maintain consistently high standards during volume preparation.

No order is too large or too small, and we trust our expert filleting skills to impress and exceed your expectations.


Your order will be delivered in one of our temperature controlled refrigerated vehicles.

We always endeavour to respond to emergency orders, and will do our utmost to meet your needs and expectations.

We aim to deliver between 5:00am and 9:00am, and offer a second same day delivery for late orders received by 10:30am.

We offer a bespoke precision filleting service which, coupled with our expertise, guarantees exceptional consistency during high volume preparation. This expertise makes us a trusted banqueting partner for many executive chefs in some of London's most prestigious 5 star hotels.






Food Safety

Our production facility meets all local health authority requirements, and we are externally audited each year. Customers and prospective customers are always welcome to pay us a visit at any time.

We purchase our produce from reputable and approved suppliers, who can demonstrate that they operate and endorse professional processing and distribution practices. We hold a Gold certificate of conformity to the NSF Due Diligence Standard which we've held since 2010.

Serving Fish & Seafood to London's Finest Dining Establishments